Michelin Power Pure R13 150/60 Galinė

  • 94.99€

  • Prieinamumas: 7-15 darbo dienų
  • Gamintojas: Michelin
  • Prekės kodas: 0126923566

Michelin Power Pure SC Scooter Tires

The world's first dual-compound scooter tire. Center tread compound is formulated for durability for longer tread life while the shoulder tread compound is formulated for greater adhesion to the road in wet or dry conditions.


  • Smooth area in the center of the contact patch resists wear
  • Tread design is inspired by racing rain tires
  • Optimized tread design helps maintain consistent profile over the life of the tire
  • Some sizes feature a reinforced sidewall for heavier scooters
  • Tubeless
  • Power Pure SC tires are Bias Ply unless otherwise noted (e.g. 120/70R15 56H is a Radial Tire)

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